Legal Education

What are the ELSD plans?

  • Assisting the formal legal education in the higher education institutions – inviting prominent legal scholars as a guest professors from abroad to teach and share their experience in Ethiopian Universities
  • Informal short term trainings to various stake holders--- For-instance,
  • CPD- continuous professional development for lawyers
  • Basic legal awareness campaign to all --- basically trying to address the rural society through teaching law by the radio Programs - Some of the founders had an experience on this
  • Enhancing the Library books --- Searching and facilitating book donations from different international book donors to Ethiopian Law school libraries and/or Inter library book transfers
  • Creating Online Library Platform by which all Ethiopian Law students can access --- Enabling students to Access expensive books for free (Buy books and upload on the library hence students can read it without infringing copyright of the author)


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"The safety of the people shall be the highest law." Marcus Tullius Cicero